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Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology
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Chicago, IL 60616

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updated 2/8/2011

Publications and Preprints

Refereed Journals


1.     J. N. Cooper, R. B. Ellis, and A. B. Kahng, “Asymmetric binary covering codes," J. Combin. Th. A, 100 (2002), 232-249 (pdf).

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11.  J. N. Cooper and R. B. Ellis, “Linearly bounded liars, adaptive covering codes, and deterministic random walks," J. Comb. 1 (2010), 307-334 (Joel Spencer special issue) (JoC, arXiv, pdf).

Refereed Conference Proceedings

  1. R. B. Ellis, A. B. Kahng, and Y. Zheng, “Compression algorithms for dummy fill layout data," Proc. SPIE, Vol. 5042, Design and Process Integration for Microelectronic Manufacturing, pp. 233-245, July 2003 (pdf).
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  4. G. Calinescu and R. B. Ellis, “Monitoring schedules for randomly deployed sensor networks," in Proceedings of the DIALM-POMC Joint Workshop on Foundations of Mobile Computing (2008), pp. 3-12.
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Manuscripts or Work in Progress

  • R. B. Ellis, “Discrete Green's functions for products of regular graphs," manuscript (arXiv, pdf).
  • R. B. Ellis, J. P. Ferry, D. P. Lo, and D. Mubayi, “The block-cutpoint tree characterization of a covering polynomial of a graph," preprint.
  • R. B. Ellis, “Optimal packings within coverings for radius 1 adaptive block codes," in preparation.


  • “Chip-firing games with Dirichlet eigenvalues and discrete Green's functions," Ph.D. Thesis, University of California at San Diego, June 2002 (pdf).
  • “A Kruskal-Katona Theorem for Cubical Complexes," Master's Thesis, Virginia Tech, June 1996 (ps).

Technical Reports

  • Y. DeWoody, R. Ellis, R. Klima, M. Minic, M. Sellers, and J.-M. Yuan, “Examining Randomness of Certain Sequences,” CRSC Industrial Mathematics Modeling Workshop for Graduate Students, Technical Report CRSC-TR97-8, 1997.
  • A. Cintron-Arias, N. Curet, L. Denogean, R. Ellis, C. Gonzalez, S. Oruganti, and P. Quillen, “A Network Diversion Vulnerability Problem,” IMA Mathematical Modeling in Industry Summer 2000 Program for Graduate Students, Technical Report 1752, February 2001 (pdf).
  • R. B. Ellis, A. B. Kahng, and Y. Zheng, “JBIG compression algorithms for `dummy fill' VLSI layout data," Technical Report #CS2002-0709, UCSD CSE Department, 31pp., June 2002 (ps, pdf).