CS 595 - Advanced Scientific Computing

Fall 2010

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  • Hong Zhang : hzhang@mcs.anl.gov
    • Office : SB 235C
    • Office Hours : R 3:00-5:30
  • Michael McCourt : mccomic@mcs.anl.gov (or mccomic@iit.edu)
    • Office : E1 105d
    • Office Hours : MW 10:00-1:00, TR 2:00-5:00


11/17 - Well, that's it. I doubt I'm making any more changes to this website. Holla at me if you have any questions about your project, I'm always happy to help. Good luck.
11/1 - Hey folks. Sorry I've been slacking a bit keeping this website up to date. I'll try to stay on top of things now that it's back on schedule. I've been fixing configure and make issues for some of you and library issues for others. Obviously everything isn't working as well as it should, but we're getting through it. Lemme know if there's anything I can help with, as always.
10/17 - Everyone, I have some sort of horrible illness that I can't understand and that's why I've been slacking with keeping up this website. I'll get back to answering your questions more regularly soon. I'm also going to start my office hours back up this week, although I may be overrun with Math 120 students since they have an exam this week. I realize many of you are getting started on your projects. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have about your projects. I'll try to get this website back up to date real soon.
10/13 - Hey guyz, I'm sick. I won't be at office hours today.
10/4 - I posted the lectures for KSP and DA. I am working right now on putting up the homework on linear solvers; it is obviously available on BlackBoard. Remember that if you have questions on your projects or homework to come and ask.
09/23 - The most recent lectures and homeworks have been posted on this site. I am working on putting up relevant Matlab material. Note that homework 2 is due soon.
09/15 - I have made some corrections to the second homework. Specifically, I have tweaked some stuff that wasn't really displaying correctly. Additionally, I made the display of the makefile command easier to read. Note that you need the indentation to be tabs for the makefile to be correctly interpreted.
09/14 - There is now a section up which deals with X forwarding for those of you interested in getting pictures produced by PETSc or Matlab.
09/10 - The most recent homework and lectures have now been posted on the website. Still working on getting more references listed, bear with me.
09/09 - There is now a Lectures section up which obviously will contain the lectures. There won't be a lab session today, so I don't think I'll be attending the lecture. As always though, feel free to stop by office hours or email me if you need anything.
09/04 - More material is up now, including the walkthrough on Homework 2 and references to PuTTY and WinSCP. Also, I'm going to put info about the course project in the homework section.
09/03 - Hey everyone, I'm finally getting a website set up for this class and I'm going to post relevant information up here regularly. You can still use Blackboard, but I'll probably be updating this more often. Specifically, you can now find all the lectures for Linux commands on this website in the UNIX Help section.