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MATH 152, section 003: Calculus II

Syllabus - overview of course policies

Class time Section 3 of Calculus II meets 10:00 am - 11:15 am MWF in Engineering 1 building, room 027.
Lab/recitation The Mathematica laboratory and recitation section meet during one 75 minute period per week, alternating laboratory with recitation.
Lab meets every other Tuesday, 10:00 – 11:15 SB 112 E, beginning August 27th.
Recitation meets every other Tuesday, 10:00 – 11:15 AM 222, beginning August 20th.
The schedule is posted under the Schedule/Outline link above.
Instructor Sonja Petrović
Office: E1, 111a
Office hours: Wednesdays 12:45-1:45, Fridays 11:20-12:50, or by appointment.
TA The graduate teaching assistant for our section is Julienne Kabre
Office hours: Tuesdays 8am - 9:55am, Thursdays 8am - 9:05am, in E1 room 129.
There are many additional Teaching Assistants for this course, mostly Ph.D. candidates in Applied Math. Shared Office: E1 129. You can veiw the full TA schedule and contact information here .
More help Peer Tutors, Exam Reviews, and more: Academic Resource Center (ARC) in Hermann Hall
Attendance Regular class attendance is important and expected. Attendance will be taken at the start of each class. Students missing more than 10% of the class meetings can have their grade lowered.
Students are responsible for all announcements and supplements given within any lecture. All cell phones must be turned off before entering the classroom. Technology use policy will be discussed on the first day of class.
Hour exams There will be three hour exams during the semester.
Unless otherwise stated, calculators will not be allowed during the exams.
Tentative Dates: Exam 1 - Sept. 13, Exam 2 - Oct. 11, Exam 3 - Nov. 8. In general, there will be no make-up exams. If you miss an exam with a documented reason of illness, etc., your score on the final exam will be used to replace the missing exam score. Undocumented reasons include oversleeping, forgetting the location of the exam, etc.
Final exam A comprehensive final exam will be given during the IIT final exam week.
Our scheduled exam time is THURSDAY, December 5, 8-10 a.m. Unless otherwise stated, calculators will not be allowed during the final exam.
Homework Homework problems will be posted regularly on WebAssign.
How to work on homework problems: You are encouraged to work in groups and discuss homework problems with another student in Math 152 this semester, the TA, an IIT ARC tutor, or the instructor. However, each student should be sure to understand the solutions submitted, as this will help prepare you for the exams. In addition, it is recommended that you keep a notebook with homework solutions for yourself to use as a study guide - even though the homework submission is done online!
Schedule and late homework policy: Homework on a particular section in the text will generally be due (via webassign) at the time of the beginning of our next lecture class. Within 5 days of the original due date, a request for a two-day extension to a deadline will be automatically granted (via webassign), but a 30% late-penalty will be assessed on all correct answers in this extended period.
Quizzes Short quizzes may be given with questions similar to the homework problems. No make-up quizzes will be given.
Labs/Recitation Mathematica labs will be due roughly once every other week at the beginning of lab.
Lab assignments and due dates will be maintained on the course web page. The collaboration policy for Mathematica labs is the same as for homework, but each student must submit his/her individual lab reports, and not copies of any other student's.
The recitation sessions will be problem sessions. You may be asked explain and solve several problems at the board during the semester.
Recitation problems and Mathematica lab assignments are separate from the regular homework and will also be posted on the course website under the "Labs" tab. You are required to attend the recitation/labs and submit the lab reports. Not submitting lab reports or not attending labs/recitations will mean a serious decrease in your course grade.
Grade components:
Homework: 10 %
Labs: 10 %
Quizzes and in-class work: 10 %
Hour exams: 15 % each
Final exam: 25 %
Tentative grading distribution:
A: 86-100; B: 75-85; C: 60-74; D: 51-59; E: 0-50.
Important note: Solutions to labs, quizzes and exams must be written clearly, legibly, and concisely and will be graded on mathematical correctness and presentation. Points will be deducted for sloppiness, incoherent or insufficient explanation, or for lack of supporting rationale. The solutions should be presented so that your fellow students could read them and follow both the calculations and logic.