Math 152-006 Course Information

Fall 2003

I will collect homework assignments on a weekly basis (every Monday in class). Late homework will not be accepted, however the two lowest scores will be dropped. Since this course is designated a C-course, up to 20% of the homework score will be based on presentation and form (e.g., neatness, comments, layout).
There is a possibility of short (~15 min.) unannounced quizzes which will cover the homework related to the most recent 2-3 lectures.
The class is accompanied by a Maple lab for which you will have weekly assignments.
Hour exams are tentatively scheduled as listed above.
The final will be comprehensive, with approximately 75% of the problems taken from the material covered in the hour exams.
Make-ups for tests will be given only when authorized in advance. Only 90% of the make-up score will count.

Last updated: August 21, 2003
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