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Aleksey Zelenberg azelenberg at iit.edu
Tue Mar 26 16:42:49 CDT 2019

Dear math students,

A few months ago I emailed about two summer courses I will be teaching for
the elevate program: Topics in Game Theory and A Computational Approach to
Approximation Theory.

If you're not interested, please disregard this email. *If you've already
applied, please reply to this email to confirm*. If you're considering
applying, read on.

Both courses have been approved and applications are currently being
accepted. To apply, click here
Since there might be technical issues with the website, please send me an
email when you apply so I have a record.

*Both courses will count as math electives*, but you cannot take both and
have them both count.

These will be “skills/project” courses, which means they’ll be somewhere
between traditional lectures and research/reading courses. I’ve attached
the syllabi (both of which will likely be modified in the coming weeks).

Here's an updated summary of the courses.

*Topics in Game Theory* (SCI 498-104)
May 20 - June 29 (Session A)

*This course gives students a project-oriented introduction to mathematical
game theory, a subject concerned with the theory of strategic interactions
— individuals making decisions in the presence of mutual uncertainty.
Students learn fundamental topics such as combinatorial games, zero-sum
games, general-sum games, games on graphs, and Nash equilibria. Additional
topics will be chosen to be of interest to mathematics and computer science
students. These include: the price of anarchy, fair division, matching
markets, and more. Throughout the course collaborative projects will
involve game simulation, exploration, and discussion. Emphasis will be
placed on team-building and presentation.*

*A Computational Approach to Approximation Theory* (SCI 498-105)
July 15 - August 10

*Using Matlab, students learn the fundamentals of approximation theory.
Topics include basics of functional analysis (e.g. normed vector spaces and
equivalent norms), approximation by algebraic and trigonometric
polynomials, interpolation, inner products and orthogonality, the
Gram-Schmidt algorithm, and numerical integration. Two central components
of this course are an emphasis on rigorous analytic arguments and
collaborative projects in which the approximation techniques will be
computationally implemented and further explored on test data.*

*Current IIT Undergraduates, non-degree visiting undergraduate students,
incoming 1st-year and transfer undergraduates are be eligible to
apply.* Elevate
Scholarships may be used for this opportunity, and undergraduate holders of
IIT institutional scholarships receive a prorated/proportional summer
tuition scholarship.

As always, please feel free to respond with any questions/concerns.


Aleksey Zelenberg, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology
John T. Rettaliata Engineering Center, Room 213
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