[ugrads] 3 changes for Fall 2019 courses

Michael Pelsmajer pelsmajer at iit.edu
Sun Mar 24 10:42:31 CDT 2019

1. Some students requested a topics course in *Topology*, and Prof. Sara
Zelenberg agreed to teach it this fall.  The course is listed as MATH
497-01 "Special Problems".  For more details:
http://math.iit.edu/pipermail/ugrads/2019-March/002143.html  (If not enough
students sign up, it may be cancelled.)

2. Ordinarily you need to take MATH 251 before taking MATH 475, but this
fall we will allow some students to take MATH 251 and MATH 475 at the same
time.  (Many courses require you to take MATH 475 beforehand, so taking it
earlier can be helpful.)  If you are interested in maybe doing this
yourself, get in touch with the MATH 475 instructor this fall, Prof.
Nadtochiy <https://science.iit.edu/people/faculty/sergey-nadtochiy>, who
can advise you as to whether this makes sense for you personally.

3. MATH 446: Introduction to Time Series will not be offered in Fall 2019;
instead it will be offered in Spring 2020.

Michael J. Pelsmajer, Associate Professor
Associate Chair for Applied Mathematics
Director of Undergraduate Studies for Applied Math
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