[ugrads] CME Foundation Scholarship (finance, domestic, African-American or Latinx, etc.)

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Wed Mar 13 13:33:34 CDT 2019

We missed the info session, but details are below and online.

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The Stuart School of Business is sponsoring an information session to share
details on the new CME Group Foundation Scholars Program. As part of this
outstanding, new scholarship twenty-five students will receive a
scholarship of up to $20,000, renewable for three years. The program is
open to domestic, low-income, African-American and Latinx students majoring
in finance, computer science, information technology, math, cybersecurity,
data science, statistics or financial engineering.

Please tell your students about this terrific opportunity ASAP. *The
information session is on Wednesday, March 13, at 12:45 in Room 113 of the
Stuart Building*. Please spread the word by hanging the this attached flyer
around your offices and by emailing students you think fit the profile.

The applications is open and the deadline is March 28, 2019. To learn more
and apply, visit https://scholarsapply.org/cme-scholars.

The CME Group Foundation scholarship can be allied to students’ sophomore,
junior, and senior years. For university partners with 4+1 programs
(bachelor’s degree in a technical field and a one-year master’s in
finance), students apply the scholarship to their junior, senior, and
masters years. Stuart has been lucky to have a strong relationship with CME
and I wanted to be sure to share the opportunity with you and your

Dean Bilson
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