[ugrads] Possible Summer Courses: Game Theory and Approximation Theory

Aleksey Zelenberg azelenberg at iit.edu
Mon Jan 14 11:09:14 CST 2019

Dear math students,

This summer, I may be teaching a math course for the Elevate program (see
https://admissions.iit.edu/elevate). I have two ideas for a course; this
email to see which one garners more interest. Here they are:

*1. Topics in Game Theory*

This course will give students a project-oriented introduction to some
fundamental ideas in game theory, a subject concerned with the analysis of
strategies for dealing with competitive situations. Students will
empirically investigate a diverse set of topics on which to apply the
theory, such as traffic flow, network formation, stable matching, auctions,
and more. The material chosen is to be of interest primarily to applied
mathematics and computer science majors, but all are welcome!

*2. A Computational Approach to Approximation Theory*

Using Matlab software, students will learn the fundamentals of
approximation theory. Topics will include data interpolation, quadrature,
root-finding, solutions to differential equations, and more. A central
component of this course will be collaborative projects in which the theory
will be computationally implemented and further explored.

Current IIT Undergraduates, non-degree visiting undergraduate students,
incoming 1st-year and transfer undergraduates will be eligible for the
courses. *Elevate Scholarships may be used for this opportunity, and
undergraduate holders of IIT institutional scholarships receive a
prorated/proportional summer tuition scholarship.*

If you are interested in either course (or both) please respond to this
email as soon as possible to let me know. I will submit a proposal for
whichever course seems to be more popular.

Thanks for your time and good luck with the new semester!!

Aleksey Zelenberg, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology
John T. Rettaliata Engineering Center, Room 213
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