[ugrads] Poster Session on Menger's Day 2019

Ruoting Gong rgong2 at iit.edu
Wed Feb 20 11:04:38 CST 2019

Dear students,

It is our tradition to hold a poster session for the annual Menger's Day
event. If you has done some interesting class projects (including Math
100), summer research, or your thesis topics, please consider to
participate. It will be a great opportunity to communicate with faculty,
alumni, and your peers about your research.

1. The deadline of confirming your participation (to rgong2 at iit.edu)
is *Friday,
March 22, 2019*. But, if you decide the participate, please confirm to me

2. Please make your poster of the size *4ft Wx 3ft H* (or the other way).

3. The AM department will pay for the print fee. Please pick up an IDR form
from Ms. Gladys Collins to print your poster during *the week of March 25,

4. The poster exhibition will take place during our Menger's Day event, in
the afternoon of *Monday, April 1, 2019*.

Again, all types of research problems are welcomed (class project, summer
research, thesis, etc).


Ruoting Gong
Assistant Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics, Illinois Institute of Technology
rgong2 at iit.edu
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