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Dear all,

Please see the forwarded message below.


Dear all,

Here is the information of 2019 Spring Multiscale seminar on this Friday


*Time: *Friday, February 8, 3:00-4:00 pm

*Location: * RE (Rettaliata Engineering Center) 242

*Speaker:* Professor Jinchao Xu (Department of Mathematics, The
Pennsylvania State University)

*Title: *Analysis of Phase-Field Models and Discretizations


In this talk, I will address several issues related to numerical and

mathematical aspects of phase-field models and their numerical

simulations.  For the two-phase Allen-Cahn and Cahn Hilliard model, I

will demonstrate that (1) the popular convex splitting schemes are

fully implicit schemes in disguise but with a much delayed time; (2)

by using energy minimization, an fully implicit scheme can be made

unconditionally stable; and (3) an unconditionally stable scheme is

not necessarily better than a conditionally stable scheme.  When the

number of phases is more than 2, I will discuss some phase-field

models involving the pairwise surface tension as a coefficient matrix

in the energy density function, prove the unisolvent and symmetric

positive property of the coefficient matrix, and analyze the energy

stability and convexity property of different discretization schemes.



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