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Dear all,

Our next seminar will be held on Thursday, Sep 06, 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM @

Lulu Kang will give a talk in the following topic.


*Design of Experiments and Data Mining*


Design of experiment (DOE) has been an important field in statistics. It
contains many classic methodologies and theories. But due to the advanced
development of modern computing technology and the invention of many new
statistical fields, new techniques, methods, and theories in DOE are also
introduced. For example, the birth of computer simulation, or in other
words “computer experiments”, lead to the development of a completely new
branch in DOE, i.e., design of computer experiments. Meanwhile, the
applications of DOE have become much broader than ever. In this talk, we
will briefly review the important concepts and methodologies in DOE. Then
we connect DOE to machine learning, and show how DOE techniques can help
and boost some the machine learning methods.

Best regards,
Kan Zhang
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