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Dear Applied Math UGrads/Grads,

Please find a free conference/hackathon opportunity in Cyber
security/finance below, recommended for your consideration by James Sison
and Xiaofan Li.

-Robert Ellis

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This conference is free to IIT students.
Please help us get the word out to students interested in jobs in
Cybersecurity, particularly in the finance industry.

Global Cyber Security Initiative (GCSI), in partnership with the Illinois
Institute of Technology (IIT), Pan Asian American Business council (PAABC)
and Convex Legal LLC are hosting the 2018 GCSI Cybersecurity Conference.

We will host our first GCSI conference from 9am to 6pm, Friday, Nov. 9 at
Chicago - Kent College of Law, 565 W. Adams St., Chicago.

The conference begins with a Hackathon
innovative solutions to the problems facing highly regulated industries.

We are bringing more than 100 cybersecurity leaders, Senior Executives,
C-Level Executives, CISOs, Compliance Specialist, and Security Officers for
sessions focused on Cyber Security Planning, Strategy, Risk & Budgeting.

GCSI was organized in October 2016 to address the SEC and FINRA’s annual
areas of concern for their member firms.

Since then, GCSI expanded to include topics, such as controlling your cyber
security budget and how to discreetly hire a CISO.

The GCSI expanded its focus to assist all highly regulated industries,
including healthcare, insurance, finance, etc.

Each month, we host events that bring together executives to discuss topics
such as cybersecurity insurance, human engineering and more.

*Message from John Johnson, CEO of Alliance Security - Member of GCSI*

The registration link
Code for staff : IITStaffGCSI2018
Code for students: IITStudentGCSI2018

*James P. Sison*
Illinois Institute of Technology

*James Sison*
Office of Institutional Advancement, Illinois Institute of Technology
(312) 567-5896 | jsison at stuart.iit.edu | https://stuart.iit.edu/ | 10 W.
35th Street, Suite 1700; Chicago, Illinois 60616
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