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Hello All,

A new org for Machine Learning is forming at IIT. Please fill out the
interest form to join the mailing list. As of now, majority of the interest
is coming from the CS department, followed by the Data Science department.
I hope we can get a good amount of AMAT students, since ML is almost
entirely mathematics.

You can expect lots of great events, learning opportunities, hands on
experience, or just a place to meet other people interested in these
topics! Thank you.

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I've invited you to fill out a form:
If you are interested in Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence
studies, Data Science, or just trying to figure out what ML is, please
provide your contact info below to join the mailing list. The org will be
geared toward gathering students to learn special topics and general
knowledge in the field, as well as provide a space to gain hands on
experience in data projects. Members are not expected to have prior
exposure to Machine Learning. Students with some programming background and
some concept of probability, statistics, calculus, and linear algebra will
have the greatest benefit. All are welcome to come check it out!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Rena Haswah at
rhaswah at hawk.iit.edu

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   Email *
   Major *
   Year of Graduation *
   LinkedIn (optional)
   What do you think the Org should be called? *
   - IIT MLS (Machine Learning Society)
      - IIT MLA (Machine Learning Association)
      - ML at IIT
      - IIT Machine Learning Club
      - Other:
   What are you interested in learning? Any other ideas/opinions?
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