[ugrads] CISC lecture on Wednesday, October 10, at 2 PM in MTCC Auditorium

Fred Hickernell hickernell at iit.edu
Mon Oct 8 21:38:25 CDT 2018

Dear students,

When you work outside the classroom, you may need to to complex simulations to help your company decide on what policy to pursue.  E.g., if you are a quick serve restaurant that has sold billions of hamburgers, how do you decide how to staff your ordering area, kitchen, and runners who deliver orders so that there is no bottleneck during the lunch rush?  And can you afford it?  Rainer will tell us what you might need to do when faced with questions like these.

Come to the talk this Wednesday, talk with Rainer afterwards, and find out how to marry your expertise in mathematics, data science, mathematical finance, and/or operations research with the art and science of simulation.

Best regards,

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