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I wanted to make you aware that Professor Kaul and I are organizing one
summer research group for undergrads, and I see that Professor Gong is
offering another (and there are others hosted by faculty in other
departments).  One reason this is special is that research experiences are
typically restricted to students who have taken at least a couple 400-level
courses, but this one is intended for first- and second-year students.  See
details below (item 2).

There is also the chance to get a $5000 stipend to support summer research
at IIT - see detail below (item 1).

(There are also summer research programs around the country, which I've
alluded to in earlier emails.)

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Subject: Three upcoming research opportunities for College of Science
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Dear College of Science Undergraduates,

We invite you to consider participating in the following upcoming
undergraduate research activities.

*1.*  The College of Science Undergraduate Summer Research Program
(Deadline *Friday March 23rd*)
*2.*  IIT Elevate summer research/project courses (*Summer Session B*)
*3.*  The Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium (CAURS, *Sunday
April 15th*)

*1.*  College of Science, and humanities and social science undergraduates,
are especially invited to apply for the 2018 Undergraduate Summer Research
<https://science.iit.edu/programs/undergraduate/summer-research-stipend>, a
$5,000 stipend to support undergraduate research over the summer with a
faculty sponsor.  The deadline for application is *Friday March 23,
2018*.  Recipients
of the award must be full-time students in good standing, typically in
their sophomore or junior year, with a grade point average of 3.0 or above.
They must not have any other similar scholarships. Students may be
currently engaged in the research or wish to start a new project.

To apply, contact a potential faculty mentor to pitch an idea you have
and/or hear about what projects are available.  You must supply application
materials  to your faculty sponsor, who will nominate you by filling out
the Google nomination form
.  Prepare a résumé, a personal statement, and a research plan (developed
in conversation with your faculty sponsor); and provide these to your
faculty sponsor to complete your nomination.  See the form
for detailed requirements.

*2.*  IIT Undergraduates (especially in the College of Science) are invited
to apply to one of the 18 research/project courses
in the Elevate program offered by our faculty during *Summer Session B*
(June 4-July 28, 2018).  These courses have the designation *SCI 498*
followed by a section number.  Project research experiences can broaden and
complement your academic progress toward either a career in industry or
graduate school.  Interested students should contact the faculty instructor
to request a registration permit.

*3.*  The Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium
<https://www.caurs.com/> (CAURS) takes place *Sunday April 15, 2018*, at
DePaul University’s main campus.  CAURS is a 1-day conference accepting
poster and oral presentations from undergraduate researchers.  This is a
perfect venue to practice presenting research for a friendly audience, and
to present work that you already have prepared for IIT or external
conferences.  Last year IIT participation was robust, with 4 IIT
undergraduates winning awards <https://www.caurs.com/caurs2017/>.

   - Register <https://www.caurs.com/registration> for free!
   - Present your research at a friendly audience.
   - Network with other undergraduates as well as faculty and industry
   - Volunteers are requested to help with conference logistics -- contact
   caurs.isb at gmail.com.

Thank you,
Robert Ellis

Robert B. Ellis, PhD
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Associate Dean, College of Science
Illinois Institute of Technology
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