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Dear computationally minded undergrads,

This might be of interest.

Best regards,

Fred J. Hickernell
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> Hi CISC Members,
> Another computational sciences focused REU program for undergrads...
> Cheers,
> Jeff
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> Dear Campus Champions, <>
> Again, I am writing to bring your attention to a summer research program for undergraduate students at the University of Tennessee. The program (RECSEM) is a NSF REU program focusing in computational science and engineering. Please help me forward this email to your students or colleagues. Attached is the flyer of the program.
> =========================
> Program:
> The Research Experiences in Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (RECSEM) NSF REU site program directs a group of ten undergraduate students to explore the emergent interdisciplinary computational science models and techniques via a number of cohesive compute and data intensive applications. The RECSEM program complements the growing importance of computational sciences in many advanced degree programs and provides scientific understanding and discovery to undergraduates with an intellectual focus on research projects using high performance computing (HPC). This program aims to deliver a real-world research experience to the students by partnering with teams of scientists who are in the forefront of scientific computing research at the National Institutes of Computational Sciences (NICS), the Innovative Computing Laboratory (ICL), and the Joint Institute for Computational Sciences (JICS) at UTK and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 
> Benefit:
> A Stipend of $5000 + $2500 housing/subsistence
> A travel allowance
> On-campus housing
> Eligibility:
> Undergraduate students of general sciences or engineering majors
> U.S. citizens or permanent residents
> Basic knowledge in scientific computing
> Important dates:
> Deadline for applications: Extended to March 15, 2018
> Program Dates:  May 28, 2018 - August 3, 2018
> For additional information including online application and previous projects, please refer to www.jics.utk.edu/recsem-reu <http://www.jics.utk.edu/recsem>
> =======================
>  <http://www.jics.utk.edu/recsem>Sincerely,
> Kwai Wong
> Joint Institute for Computational Sciences, UTK
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