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Dear Gladys,

Can you send this to everyone, including faculty, students and visitors
of the department?


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Dear Colleagues:

The Armour College of Engineering (Mech. Materials and Aerospace Eng
Dept) and the College ofScience (Applied Math Dept) are co-hosting a one
day workshop in the area of Mechanics on August 9. Nearly 100 students
and faculty are expected to attend primarily from the mid west area. A
few of the world’s leading mechanics researchers will be providing
keynotes and plenaries.

The link for the workshop is:


Professor Ankit Srivastava and Murat Vural from MMAE and Professors
Shuwang Li and Chun Liu from Applied Math are co-hosting the event.

Please distribute the information to interested students and faculty so
that they can register via the weblink provided. There are no
registration fees.



Sumanta Acharya
Professor & Chair
Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering Dept.
Illinois Institute of Technology

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