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Hemanshu Kaul kaul at iit.edu
Fri Jan 5 09:08:29 CST 2018

Dear Students,

[Please also forward this email to any students you know in

I wanted to remind you of a couple of events happening this semester
related to mathematical modeling - use of mathematical ideas and tools in
real life problems.

This semester I will teach *Math 380*, a course that aims to develop an
understanding of applied mathematics as a thought-process and a toolbox for
the study of real-world phenomena from engineering, natural and social
sciences, by learning concepts and tools from different parts of
mathematics – continuous, discrete, and probabilistic – as they are applied
to build and refine models for various applications. See the course
syllabus at

If you are curious, please attend* the first lecture at 11:25am, Tuesday,
in room 025 in the basement of E1 *(Retalliata Engg Center), and register
for the course asap.

This course is also related to a* prestigious international Mathematical
Modeling competition*.
See http://www.comap.com/undergraduate/contests/ for more information.

*Who is eligible? *Any undergraduate student (with any major).
The competitors are in teams of up to three students each. Its beneficial
to have team members that know a variety of mathematical tools; not
including all but some of Differential Equations, Optimization/ Networks,
Probability, etc., and are proficient with usage of at least one
computational tool (like Matlab, Mathematica, your favorite programming
language), and have good English skills to write the final project report.
Successful teams in the past have combined team members from Math, CS and
Sciences, with different individual strengths among above.

You can see the previous problems at

And look through the example project report given at the end of this SIAM
Appendix B on page 50 of the pdf file for an example on how to format and
write the project report. The pages 1-50 of this pdf file are also useful
as a detailed overview of how to approach the modeling process for this
contest. This is what we also learn and discuss in Math 380.

*By Thursday, 1/25, send me an email (individually or with two other team
members) if you are interested in participating and  also include a short
description of your coursework and computational background. *
Note that *the contest begins at 5pm on Thursday, 2/8 and will end at 8pm
on Monday, 2/12. *You should be willing to dedicate a significant portion
of these 4 days to participating in this contest.
See the rules at http://www.comap.com/undergraduate/contests/mcm/

I will be the team advisor and will register your team, etc. All the
problem solving and modeling will be done by each participating team
without any external help. You are allowed to use (with proper reference)
any previous research papers, textbooks, computational tools.

I hope to hear back from you soon.


Hemanshu Kaul
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Co-Director, Graduate Program on Decision Sciences (CDSOR)
Illinois Institute of Technology
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