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Dear DS students,

One of our alumni, James Panek, just told us about this job opportunity at Hub Group. Note that it does not sponsor VISA for foreigners.

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Subject: Analyst Job Opportunity - Hub Group

> Hello,
> I wanted to let you know my team at Hub Group is looking to hire an Analyst.
> The Market Analysis and Planning team handles a variety of tasks: analysis of new business outcomes, forecasting, maintain/develope models provide guidance to other teams/decision makers, and more.
> We are looking for programming experience; SQL, Python, and/or R is preferred.
> The full description/qualifications is in the link below.
> If you know anyone who graduated this December or recently who could be interested please let them know.  Have them apply online and if they send me an email I’ll pass their name a long.
> Please note:  I recently found out Hub Group does not do visa sponsorships.
> https://hubgroup.taleo.net/careersection/hg_o_mobile/jobdetail.ftl?job=INT00000229&tz=GMT-06%3A00
> --
> Thanks,
> James Panek
> M.S. Applied Mathematics '17
> Illinois Institute of Technology
> (email) jpanek at hawk.iit.edu
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