[ugrads] NNSA internship applications due this month (US Citizens)

Robert Ellis ellisr at iit.edu
Tue Dec 4 16:48:44 CST 2018

Dear AMAT/STEM Undergraduates,

Please see below the information on how to apply for an internship at the
DOE's National Nuclear Security Administration.  You may remember that Dr.
Aaron Luttman visited us in Spring 2017 from the Nevada National Security
Site.  If you apply, please email separately the following NNSA
representatives with a cover email, as they are working with a new
application system:
"Luttman, Aaron" <LuttmaAB at nv.doe.gov>, "Howard, Marylesa" <
HowardMM at nv.doe.gov>
The application deadline is "December" and may or may not be rolling
thereafter; however, you should infer that sooner is better than later.  US
Citizenship is required.

Margaret Hoeller <mhoeller at hawk.iit.edu> has held one of these internships
and is willing to answer questions about it.

-Robert Ellis

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Date: Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 5:23 PM
Subject: Summer Internships
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As previously promised by either myself or one of my colleagues, I wanted
to share with you that the summer internship postings for the Nevada
National Security Site are available online.

With our recent contract transition here at the NNSS, our new management is
building a unified summer program with this coming summer being its debut.
We are unsure how this will affect the nature of the intern program our
small group has run in the past. At this point, students are welcome to
apply to the appropriate internship link below (they are generically
written for any scientist internship within the company), but I encourage
them to also forward me their contact information so they don’t get lost in
the shuffle of these generic postings that will be available to all
managers within the company.

Undergraduate Scientist Internship:

Graduate Scientist Internship:



Marylesa Howard, Ph.D.

Supervisor; Scientist/Mathematician

Mission Support and Test Services

Contractor for the Nevada National Security Site

Phone: 702-295-0787

Robert B. Ellis, PhD
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Associate Dean, College of Science
Illinois Institute of Technology
10 W 32nd St, RE 208
Chicago, IL 60637
Tel: 312.567.5336
Fax: 312.567.3135
ellisr at iit.edu
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