[ugrads] [Computational Mathematics & Statistics Seminar] Fall 2018 Begins on Thur Aug 30

Lulu Kang lkang2 at iit.edu
Tue Aug 28 12:37:24 CDT 2018

Dear Students and Faculty

I want to announce that our seminar for this semester will begin soon. The first one will be held on Thur, Aug 30, 3:15–4:30 pm. The location will be announced soon. In our first seminar, we will introduce our research and the old members of seminar participants will also discuss their research plans.

This seminar series would cover a broad range of computational mathematical and statistical topics, including but not limited to Monte Carlo methods, multi-dimensional quadrature, statistical experimental design, sampling, function approximation and regression, statistical learning methods, computational & applied statistics. Faculty and students would give talks on their on-going research. We also do literature study. Of course, fun activities including dinner and lunch are organized from time to time.

Anyone who is interested in learning and working on these topics are more than welcome to participate our seminar! Feel free to contact me or Prof. Hickernell if you wish to know more about the seminars. To keep updated on the event of this seminar, please watch the department announcement and sign up this mailing list. (We would change the name of the mailing list later). For this semester, our seminar will be hosted regularly on every or every other Thur of the week.

New students, this is a great chance to get a taste of research and explore what areas you would like pursue in the future. We look forward to meeting you here!


Lulu Kang
Associate Professor, Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology
P: 312-567-5322
M: lkang2 at iit.edu
W: math.iit.edu/~lkang2
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