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Lulu Kang lkang2 at iit.edu
Sun Aug 19 00:25:31 CDT 2018

Dear Students

I hope you all had a relaxed summer.

I want to reach out to you about a research project on NAB sports analytics. Here is a little more background. It is a paper submitted to a Journal of Sports Analytics. The paper was based on my past student’s thesis. However, as the student graduated, we need a full-time student who can commit more time and efforts into the revision.

There is some substantial amount of work to be involved, although the framework has been set up. Needless to say, credit in the form of authorship will be awarded to the student who wants to join us. And the likelihood of publication is very high.

Sufficient statistical knowledge and computing skills are required. If you are interested, feel free to email me and we can further discuss it. I really look forward to working with you!


Lulu Kang
Associate Professor, Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology
P: 312-567-5322
M: lkang2 at iit.edu
W: math.iit.edu/~lkang2
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