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Subject: [GDNET] PhD, MS, and MFA positions in data visualization / large
scale data management at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, USA
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PhD, MS, and MFA positions in data visualization / large scale data
Northeastern University in Boston, MA, USA

Northeastern University's College of Computer and Information Science
(CCIS) has a growing research focus in data science, in particular **data
visualization** and **large scale data management**.

The **DATA Lab** focuses on research problems in data management, data
mining and machine learning with particular emphasis on scalability of
algorithms to large data.

The **Visualization Lab** focuses on understanding human perception and
cognition, as well as designing visualization and interaction techniques
for exploring complex data.

Our growing labs have **eight open and funded PhD positions** focused on
data storytelling; analytic provenance; tree and graph/network
visualization; scalable approaches for managing uncertain, inconsistent,
distributed and network data; cybersecurity and defense geospatial network
visualization; visualization for healthcare; multidimensional data
visualization; and visualization perception and cognition. We have a rich
tradition of working on meaningful problems in collaboration with civic,
business, and global partners. Our warm, supportive community of
researchers eagerly seeks women and minority students to promote diversity.

We are part of a strong team of 63 CCIS faculty with several related groups
in areas such as network science, personal health informatics,
cybersecurity, information retrieval, probabilistic AI, applied data
science, distributed machine learning, NLP, and theory. The college is
expanding rapidly and is now highly ranked among top computer science
schools in terms of publications at selective venues.

Students interested in graduate studies at Northeastern on data science and
visualization have several degree programs to choose from:

PhD: https://www.ccis.northeastern.edu/academics/phd/

- PhD in Computer Science (due Dec. 15)
- PhD in Network Science (due Jan. 1)
- PhD in Personal Health Informatics (due Jan. 20)
- PhD in Information Assurance (due Feb. 15)

MS: https://www.ccis.northeastern.edu/academics/masters/

- MS in Computer Science (due May 1)
- MS in Data Science (due May 1)

MFA: https://camd.northeastern.edu/artdesign/academic-programs/

- MFA in Information Design and Visualization (due Feb. 1)

PhD students who are making acceptable progress are guaranteed at least
five years of full funding. Spring PhD admission is available for
exceptional students.

If you are interested in working at the DATA or Visualization Lab, please
visit our websites to learn more:

- https://visualization.ccis.northeastern.edu/research-opportunities/
- https://db.ccis.northeastern.edu/research-opportunities/

Please post or share our recruiting fliers with interested students:

Visualization Lab flyer (PDF): https://bit.ly/CCIS-vis-flyer
Data Lab Flyer (PDF): https://bit.ly/CCIS-data-flyer

Thank you,

Cody Dunne
Wolfgang Gatterbauer
Michelle Borkin
Mirek Riedewald
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