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Hi all,

Art of Problem Solving is hiring for roughly 16 full-time positions and
even more part-time positions. Almost all of them require a very strong
math background, and we hope that you can share our job ads with anyone you
know who would be a good fit.

To keep the length of this email manageable, when we have a job ad
published on a site that allows direct linking, I'm just sharing the link.
Anyone who has questions about any of these jobs (or other opportunities
with AoPS) is warmly invited to contact me with further questions. I can be
reached via email at: amy at aops.com.

Several (but not all) of the full-time roles are in San Diego, CA. I'd like
to put in a good word for working in San Diego: Due to state and local law,
the benefits are quite generous. Health insurance plans are required to
cover more conditions than the minimum set by federal law, and the state
has paid family leave. Going beyond what is required, the company
retirement plan offers the maximum match allowed by law. Salaries are
sufficiently competitive that candidates with multiple offers tend to
choose to work here; several people have left tenured and tenure-track
positions to come work for us. Somewhere between a fifth and a quarter of
our full-time staff in the San Diego office has a PhD in something; about
half of those are in math.

Full-time positions in San Diego, CA

Mathematical Community Management, Advising, and Support
We currently have two people doing this sort of work. One studied computer
science and humanities as an undergraduate, and one has a PhD in a
humanities discipline. We'd like to round out this team with someone with a
math degree (or equivalently strong math background).
You can find the full job description on MathJobs:

Assistant Director, AoPS Academy, Carmel Valley (San Diego) campus
For those who prefer in-person education to online education, we have a
small (but growing) collection of learning centers catering to students in
grades 2-12.
You can find more information about this job on MathJobs:

DevOps Engineer
This position is approximately 30% systems administration and 70% software
development and maintenance. If you or someone you know is interested in a
full-stack development role with significant responsibility in
provisioning, deploying, and troubleshooting website infrastructure -- all
with the end goal of helping students learn math -- we would be happy to
hear from you. Email jobs at aops.com.

Software Engineer for Beast Academy Online
We are building an interactive math learning experience for students in
grades 2-5 that's currently in beta with over 500 users and a planned
release in 2018. As a Beast Academy developer, you'll get a chance to build
applications that you wish existed when you were a kid. See
https://beastacademy.com/online for an overview of this project.
We are open to hiring at either the entry- or the senior level for this
role. If you know a math enthusiast who has been working through the
Project Euler problems in anticipation of a career change, this might be
right opportunity for a first software development job. Experience with
HTML, CSS, and Javascript are nice to have, but we are willing to train the
right candidate. A passion for math education is required.
To apply, send a resume and cover letter to jobs at aops.com and tell us about
the coolest thing you ever made. Links to live code samples or your github
repo are a plus!

Full-time positions near Washington, DC

Assistant Directors, AoPS Academy, Vienna, VA and Gaithersburg, MD
Two roles, one in each location. See ad on MathJobs:


We are opening five new AoPS Academy locations in 2018. Each will need a
director and an assistant director (total of 10 open positions). While I
can not say anything in this email about which large cities these centers
will be located just outside of, if you were to imagine cities where famous
software, technology, and biotech companies have significant presences, you
would probably guess right. This is a great option for someone who is doing
a nationwide job search and/or who wants to live in or near a large city.
You can find more information about these ten (10) jobs on MathJobs:

Part-time positions in San Diego, CA, Washington, DC area, Morrisville, NC,
and the Exciting Mystery Locations

All of our AoPS Academy sites are always hiring math teachers and language
arts teachers (classes meet one day a week, primarily evenings and
weekends). There are also support roles available at these centers. For
current openings, follow the links from: https://aopsacademy.org/school/jobs

Part-time positions online

The AoPS Online School is always on the look-out for math teachers,
teaching assistants, and graders.
Teachers must have at least a bachelors degree (preferably in mathematics);
many have advanced degrees. Several people on the NExT list teach for us!
More information at: http://artofproblemsolving.

We're also interested in hiring teaching assistants and graders. These
positions don't require a degree (but they do require strong skills at both
math and communication), and they are remarkably flexible. More information
at: http://artofproblemsolving.com/company/careers#grader
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