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Hello all,

The talk on Tuesday at 12:45pm will be held in RE 121. Here is the abstract:

An introduction to the discharging method

Ben Reiniger, IIT
11/14, Tuesday, 12:45pm, RE 121

I will introduce the discharging method in the context of coloring planar
graphs.  This method most famously proved the Four Color Theorem, but it
continues to see use in the proofs of various other coloring theorems.  I
will introduce the method and why it works, give a few introductory
examples, mention the approach to the FCT, and perhaps end with a
discussion of how one might discover a discharging proof, using a paper
coauthored with Loeb, Mahoney, and Wise as an example.


Hope to see you there,

On Nov 8, 2017 2:52 PM, "Hemanshu Kaul" <kaul at iit.edu> wrote:

Hello all,

Please mark your calendar for a discrete math seminar talk on* Tuesday,
11/14, at 12:45pm*. Dr. Ben Reiniger will talk about applications of the
Discharging Method to planar graphs. The talk will serve an introductory
guide to this topic and will be accessible to students with just the basic
knowledge of graphs.

*I strongly encourage all current and former students of Math 454 and Math
553 to attend this talk to learn about an important and useful method (that
originates in the proof (and earlier attempted proofs) of the four-color
theorem). *

I will send a followup email with an abstract and room number over the


Hemanshu Kaul
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Co-Director, Graduate Program on Decision Sciences (CDSOR)
Illinois Institute of Technology
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