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Hemanshu, thank you for gathering all these inspiring articles!

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On Mar 21, 2017, 5:25 PM -0500, Hemanshu Kaul <kaul at iit.edu>, wrote:
> Dear Students and Colleagues,
> As many of you must be aware, March is Women's History month. (And today, several students and faculty members took the first step towards starting a chapter of AWM (Association for Women in Mathematics) here at IIT.)  The participation of women and of under-represented minorities in mathematics is something that is of great importance to many of us in the mathematics community and we hope that we will continue make progress towards an environment of inclusiveness in all of mathematics.
> I wanted to share with you the speech that the outgoing President of MAA (Mathematical Association of America), Francis Su, gave at the Joint Mathematical meetings in January 2017. You can read his speech at
> https://mathyawp.wordpress.com/2017/01/08/mathematics-for-human-flourishing/
> His theme is the ideals of doing mathematics as a part of a complete and fulfilling life. And mathematics can not live up to those ideals unless it is inclusive to all regardless of their gender or cultural background. He discusses these issues further in an interview at
> https://www.quantamagazine.org/20170202-math-and-the-best-life-francis-su-interview/
> Interested in more discussion on the topic of inclusiveness in Mathematics?
> Take a look at this blog hosted by AMS (American Mathematical Society) that has frequent discussions on these issues
> http://blogs.ams.org/inclusionexclusion/2017/02/06/inclusionexclusion-principle/
> (Students: take a look at the list of blogs listed on the right side column of the webpage above, you will find many interesting blogs, including something possibly of interest to you.)
> What about role models?
> If you want to learn more about "ordinary" women who were part of the sciences many decades ago despite the tremendous social obstacles they faced, take a look at entries in the blog "Grandma got STEM"
> https://ggstem.wordpress.com/about/
> The math entries are listed here: https://ggstem.wordpress.com/category/mathematics/
> February was the black History month and on that occasion four mathematicians created a list of inspirational black mathematicians
> http://www.mathematicallygiftedandblack.com/calendar.html
> This website was inspired by an earlier one featuring inspirational Hispanic mathematicians from the Hispanic Heritage Month in September-October 2016.
> http://lathisms.org/
> Cheers!
> Hemanshu
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