[ugrads] NSA recruiting and intern programs.

Lulu Kang lkang2 at iit.edu
Sun Jul 30 22:19:03 CDT 2017

Dear All

I am attending the Joint Statical Meeting 2017 in Baltimore. I learend that
National Security Agency has several great intern programs for math and
statistics majors. They are also hiring math and statistics graduate,
undergrad and graduate. I attached these ads here. Apologize for the poor
quality of scanning using my phone. I didn't find out any online links.

BTW, it seems that they only hire citizens. But you can double check.

I will bring these flyers back if you need to read the original.

Lulu Kang
Associate Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology
Email: lkang2 at iit.edu
Tel: 312-567-5322
URL: math.iit.edu/~lkang2
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