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> Dear Colleagues,
> Could you please send this e-mail to your undergraduate research students?
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> Marianne
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> Dear Colleague,
> Kansas State University, Truman State University (in Kirksville, MO), and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln are jointly organizing  the third
> edition of the Central States Mathematics Undergraduate Research conference.   CeSMUR 2017 will take place at Kansas State University in
> Manhattan, Kansas, in the afternoon on Friday, April 7 and all day Saturday, April 8.   We invite you to encourage your students to participate.
> In this yearly event, undergraduates can present their research in the areas of pure mathematics, biomathematics, and applications of mathematics.
> We have time slots for 20-24 undergraduate speakers to present 15-minute talks.  Students will have the opportunity to receive feedback from the
> organizers or other contributing faculty on their presentations.
> Two keynote speakers, Fabio Augusto Milner (Arizona State University) and Thomas Kerler (The Ohio State University) will deliver lectures aimed at
> an undergraduate audience.
> In addition, we will have a panel on graduate school, a panel on semester and summer long off-campus programs, as well as time set aside for students
> to interact with visiting graduate directors and graduate students from universities in the region.
> We have applied for funding from NSF to support the travel and lodging expenses of out-of-town speakers. We have negotiated a special rate at Holiday
> In  at the campus.  Dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday will be provided.  There will be no registration fee.
> For more information or to register, email the organizers at cesmur at math.ksu.edu. For more information visit
> https://www.math.ksu.edu/research/i-center/CeSMUR/CeSMUR%202017.html
> Best,
> The organizers:
> Marianne Korten, Sarah Reznikoff, David Yetter (KSU)
> Pamela Ryan, David Garth, Wayne Johnson (TSU)
> Alexandra Seceleanu, Daniel Toundykon (UNL)

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