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There is another special seminar *tomorrow*.  The only background you
should needs is Calculus I, but he'll present a nice real-world application
and touch on some deeper mathematical ideas.
Bring a *smart phone, tablet, or laptop* to the talk *today*.

*And, copied from my other email, are the general reasons you should come:*

One, it's we are considering hiring these people as permanent faculty.  If
you have an opinion afterward, you tell me, and it will be part of the

Two, classes aren't everything.  This is *one of the best chances you will
have* to hear about some nice mathematics outside of class.

Three reasons, actually... pizza!
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Dear All,

Please join the Department of Applied Mathematics for a

*Special Seminar* - “This Talk Assumes only Univariate Calculus”

When: Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 12:45 pm - 1:45 pm

Where: RE 104

*Title: Will an Insect Outbreak Occur?*

*Speaker: Kiah Wah Ong **Department of Mathematics*

*Indiana University, Bloomington*

Abstract:  *Nonlinear phenomena dominate the world of both living and
nonliving things, *

*these include lasers, biological rhythms, genetic control systems, and
systems biology, to name a *

*few. Nonlinear dynamics is a subject that deals with nonlinear systems
that evolve in time. Questions such as will the system settles down to an
equilibrium, keep repeating in cycles, or do something more complicated are
at the heart of the subject. In order to give you a taste in these studies,
an example of in insect outbreak will be used to introduce some central
ideas in nonlinear dynamics such as bifurcation and hysteresis. *

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