[ugrads] Diabetic Retinopathy in a clinical data set: Invitation to Math 497 final presentation -- 10am-11:15am Thu Apr 27 SB 113

Robert Ellis ellisr at iit.edu
Wed Apr 26 14:03:44 CDT 2017

Especially for those interested in undergraduate research or statistical
and machine learning:

You are invited to the Math 497 final presentations tomorrow:
Thursday April 27, 10am-11:15am
Stuart Building (SB) 113

Three teams will present their results in analyzing a complex data set on
diabetes patients provided by Dr. Yi Pang and colleagues at the Illinois
College of Optometry.  The focus of the analysis is on understanding
diabetic retinopathy, a common eye retina malady associated with diabetes
that is a leading cause of blindness for the working age population in the
United States.

We will be recording live, so please arrive to be seated at 10am.  There
will be short breaks around 10:15-10:20am and 10:35-10:45am if anyone needs
to arrive late or leave early.

Thank you,
Robert Ellis

Stuart Building is at the northeast corner of 31st and State streets.

[image: Inline image 1]

Robert B. Ellis, PhD
Assoc. Prof., IIT Applied Mathematics
10 W 32nd St, E1 208, Chicago, IL 60637
ellisr at iit.edu
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