[ugrads] Looking for student for a research opportunity with NSF support

Lulu Kang lkang2 at iit.edu
Fri Sep 23 10:21:05 CDT 2016

Dear students

I am looking for an undergraduate student to conduct a research project on statistical modeling and experimental design. The NSF will provide support for the student in an amount up to $8000. (We need to submit an REU supplements and students’ CV are needed.) If you are interested, please submit your current CV to me, in which please highlight your courses on statistics and computing skills. Students with 
previous research experience; 
comprehensive knowledge on statistical modeling
will be given priority in consideration. NSF also gives priority to women and minority students. 

Thank you! 

Lulu Kang
Associate Professor, Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology
Tel: 312-567-5322
Email: lkang2 at iit.edu
URL: math.iit.edu/~lkang2

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