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Hi Michael,

Thank you for the email! We appreciate your offer to spread the word about
the job opening to your students. We are targeting a grand opening date of
November 1st (might be up to 2 weeks earlier or later). Please ask
interested applicants to send their resume and cover letter to
chicago-westloop at mathnasium.com. Below is the job description. I also plan
to post it on IIT's online career services page. Please let me know if you
have other questions.

*Job Details*

   - We serve our students year-round, so this is an opportunity for
   regular part-time work (8-20 hours/week). You must be available at least
   two days a week.
   - Center hours are 3:30PM-7:30PM MON-THURS, 11:00AM-2:00PM SAT. Closed
   FRI & SUN.
   - Location: 8 S. Peoria St. Chicago, IL. 60607
   - We teach students in 1st - 12th grade in a team-teaching atmosphere.
   - Hourly wage is $11-$16/hr. We also hire high school juniors and
   seniors who are taking or have completed an AP-level calculus class. We
   start high school students at $9.00 per hour. In addition, our instructors
   receive $25 per hour for any 1-on-1 private tutoring assigned to them
   (depends on availability).
   - We do not offer health benefits.
   - Employment test and background check required
   - Our instructors love math and communicate that love to their students
   through excellent instruction, eye-to-eye contact, and big smiles!

My best,

*Ellen Kim*, *Center Director*
Mathnasium of Chicago-West Loop
8 S. Peoria Street Chicago, IL. 60607
(312) 344-3828
"Like" us on Facebook! <https://www.facebook.com/mathnasiumchicagowestloop/>

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