[ugrads] Fwd: LaTex Introduction by STARS/Anthony Hicks, Fri Oct 7, SB 113, 2-4pm

Robert Ellis rellis at math.iit.edu
Thu Oct 6 21:06:57 CDT 2016

To AMAT Undergrads:

If you are interested in a slower-paced introduction to LaTeX than what you
would see at the SIAM LaTeX presentation by Adam Rumpf and company, you may
be interested in Anthony Hicks' presentation through the STARS
organization.  Specific topics are expected to include cross-referencing,
citations and references, document constructs (sections, lists, etc.), and
working from templates.  LaTeX is free, and is useful for math courses
requiring reports.

Friday October 7 (tomorrow), SB 113, 2-4pm (see attached flyer).

Send questions to Anthony Hicks <ahicks2 at hawk.iit.edu>.

-Robert Ellis
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