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Dear students,

Our alumnus, Daniel Tietzer <dtietzer at gmail.com <mailto:dtietzer at gmail.com>>, is working in the insurance industry and has a friend who knows about two positions (see below).  If you are interested, pass your CV or questions to Daniel. 

"I have a position I am looking to fill for someone that can do heavy number crunching to support the marketing and sales effort of different investment products.  The position would be maintaining a data set and then manipulating that same data for ad-hoc requests. That data set would evolve as additional attributes and needs are identified.  I need someone that can manipulate and interact with that data set using basic query tools and I thought you might be a good fit for that. 

The second position that I know of would be as a life actuary at Aon Hewitt in Lincolnshire. While I know about this position I have less influence over it but I know they have a need as my team wants to hire someone from their actuary group for a full-time position so they, in turn, will need to fill it.”

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