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Undergraduate Workshop: October 24-25, 2016

Apply for workshop: http://samsi.us11.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=
Application deadline is September 9, 2016.

Location: SAMSI, Research Triangle Park, NC

As part of its Education and Outreach Program for 2016-2017, the
Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI) will host a
two-day undergraduate workshop on topics of current interest in statistics
and applied mathematics. In addition to an overview of current and planned
SAMSI Research Programs, the program topic on Statistical, Mathematical and
Computational Methods for Astronomy (ASTRO) will be covered in some depth.
The workshop will focus on Population Modeling & Signal Separation for
Exoplanets & Gravitational Waves (GW) and will feature introductory
lectures on statistical methodology for interpreting detection of
exoplanets, GWs, as well as using those to infer the underlying population
of planetary systems and GW sources. Hands on illustrations will be
presented and the participants are encouraged to bring their laptops.

Questions: email ugworkshop at samsi.info

SAMSI Directorate liaison: Sujit Ghosh

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