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Greetings! This is Song Chen and Chad Vidden from the university of
Wisconsin - La Crosse. We are writing to invite your teams to participate
in the 7th Wisconsin Mathematical Modeling Challenge (WMMC).

The WMMC is a regional mathematical modeling contest for undergraduate
students. In the past 6 years, the WMMC has challenged over 50 teams from
various schools and disciplines to apply their maths skills to solve real
world problem. Funded by UW-La Crosse and local companies, the WMMC
maintained a tradition to provide students an opportunity to solve real
world math problem,  build connections with regional students, faculties as
well as companies, and realize the importance of math skills in their
future career. By encouraging students from different disciplines to work
together, we believe this is a great way to show the power of math to math
and non-math students.

Contest information:

1. Time: Oct. 17-18, 2015. It's an overnight competition.

2. Location: University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.

3. Participants: any undergraduate student is eligible. Each group consists
of three students. One advisor per institute is recommended.

4. Fee: $75 per team. All meals will be provided.

5. Please register at:

6. More details can be found at

7. Any questions please contact: Song Chen, schen at uwlax.edu, Chad Vidden,
cvidden at uwlax.edu.

For us to get a better estimate, your prompt response will be highly


Chad Vidden and Song Chen


Song Chen Ph. D

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Best wishes

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