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Reminder: STEM Teaching Fellowship Deadline Approaching!

For those of you interested in teaching…

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Dear Colleague,

You know who your strongest students are. You also know which ones might
have the skills and the passion for STEM to work with young people in
high-need schools—the young people who may someday be your college
students, if they first have good high school teachers, and who may miss a
lifetime of opportunities if they don’t.

Are you picturing two or three of your top students or recent grads with
those young people who so urgently need them? Good. Those students could be
the perfect fit for the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship, a pioneering
program that prepares outstanding teachers for the schools that need them
most. *However, the November 30 application deadline is just ahead.*

The most successful Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows come to us through a
recommendation from a trusted source--a professor or colleague like you.
Please pass this email to your students or recent grads who you think would
be strong applicants and encourage them to apply. For more information,
please visit http://woodrow.org/teach
You can also download a poster
for the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship, now offered in Georgia,
Indiana, and New Jersey.

Thanks for supporting our recruitment efforts. We hope to hear from your

All best,

Jose Ochoa
Director, Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships


The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship
now offered in Georgia, Indiana, and New Jersey, recruits current seniors,
recent grads, and alumni with backgrounds in STEM (science, technology,
engineering and math) to teach in high-need schools.

As a WW Teaching Fellow, you will have extraordinary opportunities:
innovative, world-class teacher preparation, a full school year of
experience in real-world classrooms, and ongoing mentoring support.  In
addition, Fellows receive a generous stipend ($30,000-32,000) to complete a
master's degree program.

It's not too late to apply for our November 30th deadline: you can start
your online application here
Our final deadline to apply for the 2016 program is January 31, 2016, but
it's best to apply early!

*Curious about the advantages of our clinically based program?*

Woodrow Wilson Fellows ... begin co-teaching in a high-need school from day
one of the fall semester to the end of the academic year.  A licensed
teacher and a Woodrow Wilson Fellow work collaboratively, sharing
responsibilities for co-planning, designing curriculum, formal and informal
assessments, and teaching--which benefits students in the STEM classroom.
... The co-teaching experience for our Fellows has worked extremely well.

*--Dr. Delphina (Del) Hopkins-Gillispie, Director of Licensure at
Valparaiso University*

My cooperating teacher has helped me learn about how the classroom
functions, gives me advice on any situations with students, and has helped
me adjust to a new school. This experience ... has been the part of the
program that has taught me the most about what teaching in a high-need
school is really like.

*--Martin Barker, 2014 Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellow at Valparaiso


We are proud that education leaders recognize the impact of the program as
an initial teaching certification program for STEM students. Hear Principal
Dan Wilson share how he's seen Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows be more
prepared than other first-year teachers.
-Dan Wilson, Principal, Lynhurst 7th & 8th Grade Center, Indianapolis,

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