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Date: Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 9:22 AM

Hi all,

Once again I am hoping that you can reach out to your students to help
recruit homework graders and teaching assistants for the online math and
computer science (Python) courses at Art of Problem Solving.

We need mathematically savvy people to write personalized feedback for our
students' homework submissions and to assist in our online classroom. This
work can be done from anywhere with a reliable internet connection, and the
grading can be done any time of day. Graders can work as much or as little
as they wish.

Our classes range from prealgebra through the highest level of mathematical
olympiad training. Those who work with the younger students need to be able
to write feedback that makes sense to younger children and that encourages
them to improve mathematically. Graders for the olympiad-level courses need
to have the strong mathematical skills to notice subtle flaws in proofs.
Most graders tend to specialize at a particular level of course.

Teaching assistants need to commit to at least one course. The typical
course has 12 weekly sessions and meets for 90 minutes one evening per week.

We pay $15/hour for this work. The rate goes up to $18/hour if one works
more than 30 hours in a calendar month; the higher rate applies to all
hours worked during that month.

Three of our graders/assistants have worked their way up our system and
have accepted full-time employment with our organization. This is a great
opportunity for students who are interested in working in K-12 math
education but who don't find conventional schools to be appealing options.
It is also a good choice for students who need flexible work because of
their class schedules and other commitments.

The minimum administrative requirements for applicants are: Legally able to
work in the United States, at least 16 years old, at least a
second-semester senior in high school. We encourage individuals from all
backgrounds to apply.

Interested applicants should contact:
grading+assisting at artofproblemsolving.com to request an application.


ps. We're also recruiting faculty to teach in our online school for the
spring session. Contact me directly to learn more about this opportunity.

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