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The Center for Computing Research (CCR) at Sandia National Laboratories
seeks multiple students to participate in collaborative research across a
wide range of areas in computer science, applied mathematics, discrete
mathematics, mathematical modeling, computational science and engineering,
computational neuroscience and cognitive science (including cognitive and
experimental psychology, neuroscience, and linguistics). Possible research
areas include advanced computer architectures, systems software,
programming languages and paradigms, networks, informatics and information
sciences, combinatorial mathematics, discrete event simulation, scalable
linear and nonlinear solvers, continuous and discrete optimization,
uncertainty quantification, statistics, multiscale methods and mathematics,
multiphysics modeling, visualization, visual cognition, meshing,
cybersecurity, advanced modeling and simulation, human decision modeling,
machine learning, brain inspired computing and assessing human performance.
Students are also sought with interests in applying computational methods
to scientific and engineering applications including shock physics,
molecular dynamics, MHD, CFD, electrical systems, MEMS, and climate
science. These student internships are for motivated and enthusiastic
individuals with excellent communication skills and who have the desire to
gain research experience in a highly collaborative research environment.
Successful applicants will be exposed to a wide range of computational
and/or cognitive research at Sandia and will have a strong project-based
research experience working directly with Sandia staff scientists.

To access the posting, go to http://www.sandia.gov, click on “Careers” then
click on “View All Jobs” and search for the job opening number - 651287 for
graduate students and 651289 for undergraduates. Applications should
include a CV and a cover letter describing the area that they would like to
gain research experience.


Michael L. Parks, Ph.D.
Manager, Computational Mathematics Dept.

Center for Computing Research

Sandia National Laboratories

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