[ugrads] Reminder to register for Math 230

Robert Ellis rellis at math.iit.edu
Thu Nov 12 12:13:15 CST 2015

Dear Applied Math undergrads,

Please disregard this message if you are not taking Math 230 next spring.

I'm writing to remind you to register as soon as you reasonably can for
Math 230 this coming spring.  In recent years some Applied Math majors have
been pushed to the waitlist because of late registration, and we expect
this to continue to be a risk as enrollment demand increases from other

Here are your choices for Math 230:

MATH 230-01    TR        11:25am – 1240pm          Ellis, Robert

            Ellis section textbook: zyBooks *Discrete Math* (eBook site
<https://zybooks.zyante.com/#/catalog/zybook/DiscreteMathR11>, YouTube intro

MATH 230-02    MW      11:25am – 1240pm          Erickson, John

            Erickson section textbook: Rosen *Discrete Math. and its

Questions about individual sections can be sent to the respective
instructors (rellis at math.iit.edu, john.erickson at iit.edu).  General
registration/add/drop questions can be sent to Dr. Weening (fweening at iit.edu

Thank you,
Robert Ellis

Robert B. Ellis, PhD
Assoc. Prof., IIT Applied Mathematics
10 W 32nd St, E1 208, Chicago, IL 60637
rellis at math.iit.edu
http://math.iit.edu/~rellis <http://math.iit.edu/~rellis/>

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