[ugrads] Menger Event, March 30-31, 2015

Fred J. Hickernell hickernell at iit.edu
Wed Mar 25 20:57:57 CDT 2015

Dear colleagues and students,

Next Monday & Tuesday, March 30 & 31, our department will host our annual Menger Event.  I hope that you will join us.  The full schedule of activities is at

http://science.iit.edu/applied-mathematics/2015-karl-menger-lecture-and-awards-agenda <http://science.iit.edu/applied-mathematics/2015-karl-menger-lecture-and-awards-agenda>

Let me highlight some of the activities.  Prof. Andrea Bertozzi from UCLA will be spending two days with us.  

Monday, March 30, at 12:40 PM we will have an informal lunch in the MTCC Ballroom, and Prof. Bertozzi will speak about Mathematics in Real Life.
At 3:15 PM, Prof. Bertozzi will speak on Mathematics of Crime  in the MTCC Auditorium. 
After the lecture we will various present awards to students and then have a reception in the MTCC Ballroom.
Tuesday, March 31, at 11:35 AM, Prof. Bertozzi will present a research talk on The Ginzburg-Landau Functional and Threshold Dynamics on Graphs for Large Data Analysis in E1 258.
At 4:40 PM in E1 102, Prof. Bertozzi will give her thoughts on How to be a Successful Applied Mathematician.

I hope that you will join these activities.

Best regards,

Fred J. Hickernell, Professor and Chair
Department of Applied Mathematics, Illinois Institute of Technology
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