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Shuwang Li sli at math.iit.edu
Mon Mar 9 11:31:54 CDT 2015

Dear Students,

Just a friendly reminder that please confirm with me that you will make a
poster for the Menger day. I thank you for your contribution in advance.
The department needs your contribution to make the event successful.  I
will check with the department to see what I can do for you. Here is the
time frame for your reference:

March 12, 2015: Deadline for confirmation of participation.

March 26 noon, 2015: Deadline for depositing the printed poster at the
department office.

March 30 afternoon, 2015:  All participants present their posters during
the Menger Day.

Please email me back to confirm your participation. I will schedule the
printing poster things.

have fun,

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