[ugrads] Pi ---1/100 day celebrations next Friday 3/13 in E1 Lobby save the date!

John Erickson john.erickson at iit.edu
Fri Mar 6 18:35:40 CST 2015

Hi All,

Last year the Math Club celebrated  Pi day and it was a big success. Since
this year Pi day is 3/14/15  and Pi = 3.1415926...,

this year's  Pi day is extra special, as you have the first 5 digits of Pi!
Moreover, If you want to be an extra nerdy.. I mean cool, you can celebrate
at exactly 9:26 am (or pm) and you will have 8 digits of pi!!!

Unfortunately, 3/14 is a Saturday so the math club will actually mark the
occasion next Friday 3/13/15 on Pi ---1/100 day.Think about it.... you got

Anyway, from 9am--3pm in the E1 lobby and while supplies last, we will be
serving pies and presenting interesting facts about Pi, or, in other words,
 food for the body and mind. Hope to see you there!

-Your Math Club Officers,
Shoaib Khan, Sung Min Choi Hong, Jazz Kalingasan,  Xintong Li,
and Professor Erickson

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