[ugrads] Fwd: "Hotlist" of Spring 2015 IPRO Sections Inviting Student Registration

Greg Fasshauer fasshauer at iit.edu
Mon Jan 5 17:32:34 CST 2015

Hi, happy new year, and welcome back to the new semester.

If you're still looking for an IPRO this semester, please see the email
below from the IPRO office.

Greg Fasshauer

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From: Thomas Jacobius <jacobius at iit.edu>
Date: Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 4:38 PM
Subject: "Hotlist" of Spring 2015 IPRO Sections Inviting Student
To: Thomas Jacobius <jacobius at iit.edu>
Cc: Rima Kuprys <rkuprys at iit.edu>

Hello Colleague,

I am writing to you in your role as an academic adviser who may have an
opportunity to guide students still registering for classes and seeking an
IPRO team project section. The attached represents a subset of the spring
2015 IPRO sections that could still benefit from additional students and/or
students from certain majors who could play authentic roles in addressing
the IPRO topic. Descriptions of all IPRO topics is found at

Note Regarding Waitlisting: Please also note that in order to assure
multidisciplinarity and balance the teams with students from at least three
IIT colleges, we may place limits on the number of seats for certain majors
in an IPRO section. As a result, it may appear that seats are available but
they are reserved for students from certain majors since that project
likely attracts large numbers of such students. Thus, if students are not
able to take a seat on their own, they may add themselves to the waitlist
of the IPRO of their choice from among the list of those attached. We are
managing the waitlists and will make every effort to accommodate additional
students in these IPRO sections.

Please feel free to refer students to me as well if there are questions
about their choices.

Best Regards,


Thomas M. Jacobius
Director, Operations & External Relations

The Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) Program at
Illinois Institute of Technology

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