[ugrads] The Halting Problem and Godel's Theorem

John Erickson john.erickson at iit.edu
Mon Feb 23 18:54:28 CST 2015

Hi Undergrad Math Majors,

Sorry for any duplicate emails.

IIT's very own Todor Markov will give a talk on the Halting Problem and
Godel's theorem this Friday, February 27th, at 12:45 in E1 121. His
abstract is as follows:

"We know Turing as one of the people who broke the Enigma cypher, and a
lead researcher in artificial intelligence. Though his most significant
contribution to math was probably the mathematical model of a computer, and
computability theory, that studies which problems a computer can solve.

I'll talk about one such problem, the halting problem. We'll see how
solving it could prove many famous conjectures, why it turns out to be
unsolvable, and what amazing implications come from that."

This talk should be useful for anyone interested in the theory of
computation. Hope you can make it, and yes, refreshments will be served.
See the attached flyer.

Professor Erickson


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