[ugrads] Weekly problem Spring 2015 starts on Friday!

Lluís Antoni Jiménez Rugama lluisantoni at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 11:34:14 CST 2015

Dear all,

   This Spring 2015 we still have the weekly problem for the undergraduate
students. Be aware that the student who answered most questions correctly
will win the yearly prize!
   The first problem for this semester will be posted this Friday, Feb 6 at
3pm. As always, you will have 1 week to solve it until the next problem is
posted and the first person submitting a correct answer is the winner.
   Remember to justify well your answer, otherwise it can not count.
   I hope to see many of you participating!
   Best regards,

Lluís Antoni Jiménez Rugama
Department of Applied Mathematics, Illinois Institute of Technology
E1 Bldg Room 120, 10 West 32nd Street, Chicago, IL 60616
lluisantoni at gmail.com --- ljimene1 at hawk.iit.edu
Cell: +1-773-892-3628 --- Office: +1-312-567-8964

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