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Hi IIT undergrad math majors,

First off, I hope you all had a fun and productive summer. See the message
below about the UIC Undergrad research symposium. It's a nice local
conference which we have gone to before targeting undergraduate research
(obviously). Therefore the talks are more accessible if you go to be
inspired and it would be an ideal venue to present the results of your own
research if you participated in an REU this summer.

Professor Erickson

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Subject: Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium at UIC (Oct 24, 2015)
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Dear Colleague,

Can you help pass this message along as appropriate? It describes the
Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium at UIC on October 24, 2015, an annual
one-day meeting focusing on undergraduate mathematical research.  In
particular, undergraduates who would be natural candidates to speak at the
symposium are encouraged to apply by September 15.




Dear Colleagues and Students,

The next Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium at UIC will be held on Saturday,
October 24, 2015. The UMS is an annual one-day meeting focusing on
undergraduate mathematical research and education. The meeting features
invited lectures by mathematical researchers and contributed
lectures/posters by undergraduates on their own research projects. More
information can be found online at


Students who have completed a undergraduate mathematical research project,
e.g. in an REU program or as part of an independent study course, are
invited to apply to give a 20-minute presentation or poster about your
project in the afternoon session of the symposium.  Limited travel funding
is available, and students should apply by September 15 for full
consideration.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any


The Organizers -- Alex Austin, David Dumas, Steven Hurder, and Kevin Tucker


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