[ugrads] Congratulations for MCM 2015

Hemanshu Kaul kaul at iit.edu
Sat Apr 25 01:14:37 CDT 2015

Please join me in congratulating
*Haocheng Bian, Tianci Zhu, and Xinyi Yu*
for being awarded a certificate of honorable mention for the 2015
Mathematical Modeling Contest:

This is considered the topmost mathematical modeling contest in the world
with 7636 teams from universities all over the world participating this
Haocheng, Tianci and  Xinyi did very well, despite minimal preparation, to
be ranked strictly above 60% of the teams, and more impressively only 10%
of the teams were ranked above them.

*Students:* I hope we will have more teams from IIT participating next year
(the contest is held every year in early February). Any undergraduate
student (with any major) in teams of up to 3 members can participate in
this contest. This contest, and in general any form of mathematical
modeling, tests your creativity in applying ideas from one or many parts of
mathematics to an open-ended real-world problem. If this sounds interesting
to you, then get in touch with me and we can discuss how you can get
involved in Mathematical modeling contests and so much more.


Hemanshu Kaul
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology

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