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For those who would be willing to live in Madison, WI, job opportunities:

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> From: Laura Crittenden <lcritten at epic.com>
> Subject: Healthcare IT Careers
> Date: September 24, 2014 at 8:47:58 AM CDT
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> Good Morning,
> I am a recruiter at Epic in Madison, WI. We are the nation’s top healthcare software company- we develop, implement, and support electronic medical records for healthcare organizations across the United States and abroad. I want to reach out to bright, driven students at Illinois Institute Of Technology to let them know about our many career opportunities. We have openings in software development and a variety of technical and non-technical roles. Our work is challenging and rewarding.  Our “do good” mission is truly at the heart of what we do- help our customers improve the healthcare industry.
> We are signed up to attend some of your school’s career fair events, but we are looking for additional ways to reach out to students.  If you feel an opportunity at Epic would be of interest to your graduating seniors, please feel free to pass this along to them. I am including a link to an article about Epic’s recent partnership with Apple, as well as links to the major roles we are recruiting. Both you and your students are more than welcome to contact me with any questions you may have regarding either Epic or the roles.
> Technical Services: Leverage your problem-solving skills to deliver top-notch technical guidance to top healthcare organizations in the world.
> Software Developer: Full life cycle development, your work will directly impact the way half of Americans receive healthcare.
> Project Manager: Work side by side as a consultant to healthcare organizations installing our software.
> Software Tester/Quality Assurance: Test our software from a medical professional's perspective to make sure it's efficient, intuitive and mistake free.  First we use it right, and then we use it wrong.
> http://www.forbes.com/sites/zinamoukheiber/2014/06/04/behind-epic-systems-alliance-with-apple/
> Best,
> Laura Crittenden
> Epic :: Human Resources :: Recruiting
> 608-777-3193 :: lcritten at epic.com

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