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> From: Nicholas Machesney <nmachesn at nd.edu>
> Subject: University of Notre Dame Entrepreneurship Master's Program
> Date: September 10, 2014 at 1:32:23 PM EDT
> Cc: Rebekah DeLine <deline.1 at nd.edu>
> Good Afternoon,
> My name is Nick Machesney and I am a student in the University of Notre Dame’s entrepreneurship master’s program (ESTEEM - Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Masters).  After determining your school to have a large pool of qualified candidates for the program, I recently contacted one of your career advisors with information about ESTEEM.  However, as someone who found my first job with the help of the head of my undergraduate program, I know full well how valuable your expertise is to students and wanted to give you a chance to learn about the program, too, in case students come looking for advice.
> In essence, ESTEEM is a unique program that teaches entrepreneurial skills like market evaluation, design-thinking, and traditional business expertise to students with a STEM background.  On top of that, it allows them to practice these skills through the capstone thesis project in which they take an idea all the way from concept to commercialization over the course of the 11-month program.  I know you know how valuable this type of skillset is and may even have a few top students in mind who are looking for that extra bit of expertise that will allow them to differentiate themselves from their peers.  Or maybe you know of some clubs and organizations at your school that might be interested in this type of program.
> If you would like to discuss the program further please contact the Program Coordinator, Rebekah DeLine (deline.1 at nd.edu). If desired, we can also send hardcopies of the attached digital brochure for you to provide to students who come to your office. Otherwise, please feel free to forward this email to any interested students and I would be happy to talk with them about the program, my background, and any questions they may have.
> Thank you for your time,
> Nick Machesney
> ESTEEM Masters Candidate
> University of Notre Dame
> NMachesn at ND.edu
> P.S.  If you find there is significant student interest, we may even be able to arrange a personal visit from one of our ESTEEM faculty, alumni, or current students.

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